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Multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter Matthew Barker is no stranger to the music industry even though his name may be foreign to some.  Performing under the pseudonym “The Bucketseats” for the last five years, Matthew has written, produced and released 4 EP’s under The Bucketseats name.   
Matthew has decided to step out from behind The Bucketseats project, gifting to us his laid back sounds under the Matthew Barker Music brand. Matthew is an entirely self-taught vocalist and guitarist. Years of experience as a solo performer while extensively gigging has made him an extraordinary live musician and skilled performer. 
The decision to release his original music under his own name was not an easy one but Matthew’s confidence in his song writing has grown considerably. He no longer feels the need to hide behind the pseudonym and while turning himself into a “brand” is daunting, he hopes it gives him more confidence and appreciation for what he has achieved so far as well as an added determination to always strive to improve his writing and performing. 
Matthew Barker

Matthew was born in regional Victoria and after travelling around Australia, his family settled in Bundaberg in Queensland.  Matthew completed his high schooling in Bundaberg and continued his education at the Central Queensland University completing a Bachelor of Music specialising in Saxophone.  Matthew stills calls Bundaberg home and has settled there with his partner Natalie and their two young children.
Alongside a very full schedule of gigs and function entertainment and his raising his young family, Matthew also teaches guitar at a local music school and is furthering his studies, branching into a Bachelor of Primary Education.
Matthew has enchanted audiences with his original music at numerous regional festivals this year already, including El Grande Festival, The Hervey Bay Seafood Festival and Bundaberg’s Autumn Sounds where he performed alongside Ball Park Music, Thundamentals and long-time friend Jackson Dunn. 


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